• Harvest

    We are smack dab in the middle of our favorite time of year.

    We have worked hard for this.

    It's our life and our livelihood.

    To look out the front window yesterday and see my whole family in the field just made me so proud.

    That's my husband in the combine.  Karlie in the tractor and grain cart and Eric in the grain truck.

    Dusty is out there too in another truck.

    Not quite sure what that pose is.  

    Maybe some ancient ritual to bring on a safe, bountiful harvest.


    Roger says Karlie is the best grain cart operator.  

    He loves having her out there with him and Eric.

    And just so you don't think I am doing nothing while they are working hard....

    I keep the corn dryer running, make lunches, watch dogs, grocery shop, make dinner, take pictures, run errands and generally fill in any gaps.

    Roger calls me Elmer - as in the glue that holds it all together.