• The beauty of film

    While in Florida this past November, I took along a film camera.

    Film,  remember that old stuff.

    Amidst the busy senior/family sessions of fall, I felt a tugging to slow down.  Try something different.

    Film, a lost art which is now making a comeback.

    I loaded the film, grabbed my flipflops and a bag and set out exploring the beach.

    It felt so great to shoot with a little more intention.

    Make sure my settings are right.

    Frame the shot in camera.

    And hear the click of the shutter - much different from the sound of a digital camera.

    I was taken back in time.

    And I enjoyed every minute.

    When I got home I had to research film labs, box it up and ship it off.

    Now I am waiting (rather impatiently) for the scans to be emailed to me.

    Did I remember how to shoot film?

    Will the turn out?

    I'll let you know.

    I am packing both film and digital for my time in Florida this winter.

    I am looking forward to slowing down and shooting for me.  Seeing and capturing the beauty around me.