• Film Friday

    When I was down here in November I decided to reintroduce myself to film photography.

    I loaded up the old Contax and headed out exploring the island.


    I forgot how deliberate I had to be.

    Check the settings.

    Make sure I had it right before I pressed the shutter.

    It all came back to me though.

    I sent the film to a lab and waited for the scans.  I got kind of impatient.  

    I had gotten so use to the instant gratification of digital.  I think that's why I switched along with millions of other people.

    But when that email finally came with the scans attached.  I was so excited...and a little nervous.

    I did pretty well.

    The colors are just so beautiful.  So soft and true.

    I'm hooked.

    I can't wait to take more.