• Forgotten

    It always makes me sad to see farms abandoned and falling apart.

    I can picture then when they were in their prime and beautiful.

    Home to a growing family.

    I can just picture the wife/mother sitting on the porch watching her children play and waiting for her husband to get home after a hard day in the field.

    Her car parked in the garage.  Beside all the kids bicycles and wagons.

     I bet in the winter she wished that the garage was closer to the house because it's so cold when the snow and wind whips between the buildings as she's trying to carry the groceries and the kids into the house.

    All of the barns full of tractors and machinery along with cattle, chickens and maybe a horse or two.

    I always wonder when all the neglect of the farm started?

    Did the family move into town because life on the farm was hard?

    Was there no one to pass the farm down to when the farmer and his wife got to old to care for it?

    Or did a big time developer come in and offer them top dollar only to have his company crumble when the market went bad.

    It happens all over and it's so sad to me.

    In a perfect world I would swoop in with my team of builders, just like Ty Pennington, fix them all up and make them home to a deserving family.

    A family who will enjoy all the blessings of living on a farm.  

    I know what a blessing it is and would love to be able to share it with others.