• The Ladies

    The ladies are getting big.

    We actually have 2 batches of them.  The first we got the end of March.

    That set consists of New Hampshire Reds, Black Sex Links (for eggs) and a few Cornish Rocks (for meat).

    They are so fun to watch.  

    The Cornish Rocks are pretty lazy.  They just lay around.  In fact, they even lay down when they eat.  A couple more weeks and they will be heading for the freezer.  

    The New Hampshire Reds are the friendliest so far.  Very calm.  They will come up to me more often and let me pick them up.

    The Black Sex Link are a little fiesty.  They make me laugh.  

    We also have a second batch that are a little younger.  There are some Barred Rocks, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Araucanas, and a few guineas (Eric wanted them).  They are supposed to be the watch birds.  They are louder than the others and they will let the chickens know of danger.  

    I love how they lay all snuggled together.  

    The brownish ones up front are the guineas and the 2 black ones are the Barred Rocks.

    I want to name them, but can only tell a few apart from the others as of now.  So I'll have to wait a bit longer.  

    I'll just keep calling them Ladies for now.  They seem to like that.