Yesterday was just the perfect day here on the farm.

    A gorgeous autumn sunrise.

    We left the farm early to move some equipment to another field.  We had to do this before traffic picked up because as you can see he takes up most of the road.

    I just love the greeting we got from the old tractors.  Sitting along the road so proudly!

    When we got back to the farm, the girls immediately surrounded Roger.  He feeds them cracked corn every morning and they were ready.

    They finally got into the soybean field in the afternoon.  It took a while for the dew to lift and the field to dry out.

    I never tire of this sight.

    They worked up an appetite.

    The people that live on the farmette have some livestock so Karlie fed them some leftover soybeans while we ate the good stuff.

    I think goats are so cute.  Destructive but cute.  

    I left them harvesting while I headed off for a little work myself.

    A senior session with this lovely young lady.  A great way to end the day.