• Beach Cottage Kitchen

    We have been loving the beach lifestyle for almost 2 months now.

    This years project was to overhaul our little beach kitchen.

    We figured out that cheap cabinets don't work in ground level cottages when a hurricane hits.  When Hurricane Charley hit in 2004 we got water and sludge.  Roger got it cleaned out right away but the water soaked into the particle board cabinets and, over the years, it started to fall apart.

    So this was the year to fix it.  YEA!!!

    We decided on open cabinets built with wood.  Roger drew up the designs and we got to work.

    Here they are drying in the garage after the staining/poly process.

    We decided on three seperate pieces just incase we get another storm.  Easy to pull out and clean around.

    Demo day - it didn't take too long.

    Next step..SHIPLAP!!!

    We had to fix the wainscotting on the walls so we just put up 1x8's.  I was instantly in love.

    I painted the boards a lovely shade of moss/sage green.  I also just wanted open shelving on the walls.  

    We really don't have too many kitchen items for the two of us.  We eat light or go out to eat so we decided to keep things minumum down here.

    Here's the finished product!!! 

    Isn't it so pretty.  

    I painted the fridge.  It was starting to rust on the bottom from the water but it still worked.  I figured if I painted it we could get a couple more years out of it.

    It was super easy to do.  I just sanded it down a little bit on all sides.  Then I just rolled on 3 coats of semi gloss enamel.  It dried really fast and we had it back in place later that afternoon.

    I didn't have an area for my laptop so we carved out a little nook for me.

    I really loved filling the shelves in with the necessities....

    ...and the fun stuff.

    I am beyond happy with the way it came out.  Everything a imagined.  

    Nothing fancy...just our little beach cottage.  Perfect for us!!

    Hope you enjoyed seeing the transformation.