• Life gets in the way...

    I miss blogging.  I think of it in "I really should blog."  But then another day slips away.  I really do miss it though.  Even if nobody reads it.  I'm fine with that.  Kind of like a diary.  Nothing too exciting.  Just my life and all the moments in it.  

    So my goal for June 1st - actually it's June 2nd - see how that happens - is to make an effort to blog a little more.  Sessions, life, pictures.  Everyday moments and thoughts.  Dreams and desires.  

    Here goes...again.  {I know I've typed these words many times before.}

    Let's start with the 2 little blessings that make my heart burst every day.  When I see them I smile, from ear to ear.  They are just the sweetest things ever.

    Just a couple pictures from Memorial Day.  A little afternoon cookout at the farm.  Uncle Wiz (Eric) and Daddy went to Rural King to get the girls a pool and they loved it.  

    Adorable huh?

    And for the record...being a grandma (Lolli) is the best.   I know some of you think being a mom is the just wait!!  It gets so much better.