On the Farm
  • Freedom...

    They thought they were happy cows.  A roof over their heads and food on their table.

    But now the know freedom...

    And they really are happy cows.

    Now their world is larger and their food is fresher.

    And they came over to visit their neighbor.

    Yep, happy cows indeed.

  • Life gets in the way...

    I miss blogging.  I think of it in "I really should blog."  But then another day slips away.  I really do miss it though.  Even if nobody reads it.  I'm fine with that.  Kind of like a diary.  Nothing too exciting.  Just my life and all the moments in it.  

    So my goal for June 1st - actually it's June 2nd - see how that happens - is to make an effort to blog a little more.  Sessions, life, pictures.  Everyday moments and thoughts.  Dreams and desires.  

    Here goes...again.  {I know I've typed these words many times before.}

    Let's start with the 2 little blessings that make my heart burst every day.  When I see them I smile, from ear to ear.  They are just the sweetest things ever.

    Just a couple pictures from Memorial Day.  A little afternoon cookout at the farm.  Uncle Wiz (Eric) and Daddy went to Rural King to get the girls a pool and they loved it.  

    Adorable huh?

    And for the record...being a grandma (Lolli) is the best.   I know some of you think being a mom is the just wait!!  It gets so much better.

  • This week...

    Fall on the farm is busy.  But it's a good busy.

    My favorite time of year.

    We started harvesting soybeans around the home farm.

    This means lots of cooking and bakin for me.

    The family gets hungry.

    Karlie requested no bake cookies.  I have been making these forever.  Love them.

    The end of a productive day!  Warms my heart to see all the machinery lined up and to know that we take care of this land as a family working together.  

    The ladies are always walking around looking for someone who will throw them a handful of cracked corn.  If no one will, they head out into the yard to look for some bugs.

    Karlie even got into the tractor this week.  So I got to watch the girls.  

    Tough job but someone has to do it.

    These two have made our family even better.  Love them so much.  

  • Throwback Thursday

    I was looking through old picture files on my computer yesterday and came across these images of the dogs when they were puppies.  I just had to share.  

    Molly and Moose

    They were all legs and ears when they were little.  


    Just love this one of him looking up to Eric.  A lifelong bond after just a few days.

    And just because I miss him so....Buddy.

    He was our gentle giant.  So laid back and calm.  Until a racoon came into our yard.  Then he was vicious.  Did I mention I miss him so much.


    Yesterday was just the perfect day here on the farm.

    A gorgeous autumn sunrise.

    We left the farm early to move some equipment to another field.  We had to do this before traffic picked up because as you can see he takes up most of the road.

    I just love the greeting we got from the old tractors.  Sitting along the road so proudly!

    When we got back to the farm, the girls immediately surrounded Roger.  He feeds them cracked corn every morning and they were ready.

    They finally got into the soybean field in the afternoon.  It took a while for the dew to lift and the field to dry out.

    I never tire of this sight.

    They worked up an appetite.

    The people that live on the farmette have some livestock so Karlie fed them some leftover soybeans while we ate the good stuff.

    I think goats are so cute.  Destructive but cute.  

    I left them harvesting while I headed off for a little work myself.

    A senior session with this lovely young lady.  A great way to end the day.

  • Happy Memorial Day/Weekend in Pictures

    Thank you!!

    (found on pinterest-wouldn't link to source)

    It has been a beautiful weekend here on the farm.  I have spent most of it outside.  

    Mowing, weeding, and watering the flowers.  

    Cleaning the chicken coop and setting up the outside run.  The ladies love it out there now.

    I was going to start documenting the weekends with photos taken with my big girl camera but you know how that goes sometimes.  I didn't take the time to go in the house so I just grabbed my iphone.  Good enough.  Maybe next weekend.

    Last night I finally got all the work done and decided to sit and relax.

    The boys are fishing so Boone has been my constant companion.

    I am really and earlybird anymore.  Up by 5 most mornings.  This morning was glorious so I grabbed my coffee and devotional and headed out on the front porch.

    I truly love watching the world wake up.

    And look who is right by my side.  I love this sweet boy.

    Happy Memorial Day to all of you.  I hope you enjoy your day...whatever you have planned.


  • The Ladies

    The ladies are getting big.

    We actually have 2 batches of them.  The first we got the end of March.

    That set consists of New Hampshire Reds, Black Sex Links (for eggs) and a few Cornish Rocks (for meat).

    They are so fun to watch.  

    The Cornish Rocks are pretty lazy.  They just lay around.  In fact, they even lay down when they eat.  A couple more weeks and they will be heading for the freezer.  

    The New Hampshire Reds are the friendliest so far.  Very calm.  They will come up to me more often and let me pick them up.

    The Black Sex Link are a little fiesty.  They make me laugh.  

    We also have a second batch that are a little younger.  There are some Barred Rocks, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Araucanas, and a few guineas (Eric wanted them).  They are supposed to be the watch birds.  They are louder than the others and they will let the chickens know of danger.  

    I love how they lay all snuggled together.  

    The brownish ones up front are the guineas and the 2 black ones are the Barred Rocks.

    I want to name them, but can only tell a few apart from the others as of now.  So I'll have to wait a bit longer.  

    I'll just keep calling them Ladies for now.  They seem to like that.

  • The Coop Addition

    Presenting the outside addition on the chicken coop.

    We've had a little bit of rain so the boys have been able to finish it, or pretty close to finishing it.

    We have some netting for the top but were not sure if we need it or not. 

    The ladies will go in at night and there's a door that gets shut so hopefully nothing will get in.

    Karlie picked up some flowers and herbs that chickens like so I have to plant them soon.

    As soon as the rain stops.

    Have a great day!!

  • Forgotten

    It always makes me sad to see farms abandoned and falling apart.

    I can picture then when they were in their prime and beautiful.

    Home to a growing family.

    I can just picture the wife/mother sitting on the porch watching her children play and waiting for her husband to get home after a hard day in the field.

    Her car parked in the garage.  Beside all the kids bicycles and wagons.

     I bet in the winter she wished that the garage was closer to the house because it's so cold when the snow and wind whips between the buildings as she's trying to carry the groceries and the kids into the house.

    All of the barns full of tractors and machinery along with cattle, chickens and maybe a horse or two.

    I always wonder when all the neglect of the farm started?

    Did the family move into town because life on the farm was hard?

    Was there no one to pass the farm down to when the farmer and his wife got to old to care for it?

    Or did a big time developer come in and offer them top dollar only to have his company crumble when the market went bad.

    It happens all over and it's so sad to me.

    In a perfect world I would swoop in with my team of builders, just like Ty Pennington, fix them all up and make them home to a deserving family.

    A family who will enjoy all the blessings of living on a farm.  

    I know what a blessing it is and would love to be able to share it with others.  

  • Weekend in Pictures

    Welcome to the family.

    Isn't she so sweet.

    She is Karlie and Dusty's additon to their farm.

    She doesn't have a "for sure" name yet.

    My family loves nicknames.

    So far she has been called:

    Rosie - for "Ring around the Rosy"

    Annie - as in "Little Orphan Annie"

    Rippy - little ripper


    I am sure you will be seeing more pictures of her in the future.

    And I will let you know what they decide on for her name.

  • Strength

    "A strong woman knows she has strength enough for the journey,

    but a woman of strength knows it is the journey where she will become strong."

    ~ unknown

    These images where shot at my son in law's cattle farm a couple of years ago.

    (Can't believe I hadn't posted them.) 

    I love that Karlie is right in there helping her man.

    Not afraid getting her boots dirty.  Not afraid of a big old bull.

    Not afraid of good, old fashioned, hard work.  

  • Homemade Peanut Butter

    I made homemade peanut butter!!

    Really I did.  

    Super easy folks.

    If you've got peanuts and a food processor you're good to go.

    I bought a bag of honey roasted peanuts at Trader Joe's.

    Put the whole bag in the food processor, added some coconut oil and sea salt and pressed start.

    Easy, peasy!!

    It is delicious.

    Spread some on toasted Ezekial 4:9 Sprouted Wheat and you've got a healthy snack.

    I think next time I will use half honey roasted peanuts and half regular peanuts.

    Give it a try.  Much better than Jif.  

    And I love my Jif.

  • Harvest

    We are smack dab in the middle of our favorite time of year.

    We have worked hard for this.

    It's our life and our livelihood.

    To look out the front window yesterday and see my whole family in the field just made me so proud.

    That's my husband in the combine.  Karlie in the tractor and grain cart and Eric in the grain truck.

    Dusty is out there too in another truck.

    Not quite sure what that pose is.  

    Maybe some ancient ritual to bring on a safe, bountiful harvest.


    Roger says Karlie is the best grain cart operator.  

    He loves having her out there with him and Eric.

    And just so you don't think I am doing nothing while they are working hard....

    I keep the corn dryer running, make lunches, watch dogs, grocery shop, make dinner, take pictures, run errands and generally fill in any gaps.

    Roger calls me Elmer - as in the glue that holds it all together.