Weekend in Pictures
  • Weekend in Pictures

    Happy Monday.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

    I sure did.  Nothing super exciting by great nontheless.

    Enjoyed a couple walk/runs.

    After 4 miles, I always love to see this ahead of me.  Home sweet home.

    Karlie and I went to our favorite nursery/garden center on Friday to load up on some plants and herbs so we could finish some gardening.

    Don't you just love this potting bench.  Looks kind of simple.  Anyone have an old sink lying around?

    Spent a lot of time planting, watering, weeding.  All that good stuff.

    My Little Kim Lilacs are in full bloom.  So pretty.

    Enjoyed some time on the back patio watching storm clouds roll in.

    We opened the outside door to the chicken run and let the ladies roam free for awhile.

    A few of them were brave and adventurous.  Others stayed safely inside their little home.

    And how could I share weekend photos without including this sweet boy.

    I love my Boone-dog (and his underbite).

    Have a great day.


  • Happy Memorial Day/Weekend in Pictures

    Thank you!!

    (found on pinterest-wouldn't link to source)

    It has been a beautiful weekend here on the farm.  I have spent most of it outside.  

    Mowing, weeding, and watering the flowers.  

    Cleaning the chicken coop and setting up the outside run.  The ladies love it out there now.

    I was going to start documenting the weekends with photos taken with my big girl camera but you know how that goes sometimes.  I didn't take the time to go in the house so I just grabbed my iphone.  Good enough.  Maybe next weekend.

    Last night I finally got all the work done and decided to sit and relax.

    The boys are fishing so Boone has been my constant companion.

    I am really and earlybird anymore.  Up by 5 most mornings.  This morning was glorious so I grabbed my coffee and devotional and headed out on the front porch.

    I truly love watching the world wake up.

    And look who is right by my side.  I love this sweet boy.

    Happy Memorial Day to all of you.  I hope you enjoy your day...whatever you have planned.


  • Country Roads

    Sometimes a break from your routine is the very thing you need.

    So I grabbed my camera and we hopped in the truck.

    No destination in mind.

    Just a couple hours of riding, seeing, sharing and dreaming.

    And some great images to remember it by.

  • Weekend in Pictures

    In my quest to use my big girl camera more often, I captured some images of my weekend.

    I really enjoy taking care of these funny little creatures.  

    They sure make me laugh.  

    Spent some time outdoors on Friday and Saturday cleaning up the yard.

    Cleaned off my scrapbook desk and layed out some supplies just in case I get my butt in gear and create something.

    Spruced up the house a little bit.

    Roger and I took a Sunday morning drive through the country with the dogs.

    I made some gluten free sandwich biscuits for Karlie and I.

    They are a good fill in when I am craving some bread.  We made open faced pulled pork sandwiches with them.  Yummy!

    What did you do this weekend?

  • Weekend in Pictures

    Welcome to the family.

    Isn't she so sweet.

    She is Karlie and Dusty's additon to their farm.

    She doesn't have a "for sure" name yet.

    My family loves nicknames.

    So far she has been called:

    Rosie - for "Ring around the Rosy"

    Annie - as in "Little Orphan Annie"

    Rippy - little ripper


    I am sure you will be seeing more pictures of her in the future.

    And I will let you know what they decide on for her name.